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Online Payment System

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The objective to undertake housing programs throughout the country in order to rehabilitate the refugees and the local low and middle-income families in an organized way. Accordingly National Housing Authority (NHA) has developed some housing estates throughout the country. Traditionally all records of each housing estate – such as plot and owner details including the installment were kept in analogue hard copy file format.

The objective of this assignment is to develop an online system to provide electronic services to citizens. These services shall entirely be electronic. Specifically, all services shall be requested and rendered electronically via an online platform; all required supporting documents shall be stored & processed in electronic format; all applications shall be signed electronically; and all required official payments shall be made electronically in real time. The online system shall be owned, operated, and regulated by NHA. Its implementation shall adopt a service-oriented architecture that allows it to interface with already existing independent electronic systems of participating bank.

Why I need to Sign-up to submit application?

The online system is web-based application for allotte, Bankers & NHA. This service is entirely automated, paperless and cashless. Specifically, this service shall be requested and rendered electronically via online platform;

Video tutorial for using the system :

How can I get updates on the application status?

User can/will update his/her information from SMS & system

To whom I should contact for Registration process related support?

You can contact directly to the respective officer where your application is currently under process. You can see the serving desk on your user there is showing the current desk officer name and designation. For general purpose information, you can contact the below during office hour:
Call center no.:
For more information please visit: http://www.nha.gov.bd

Business Automation Ltd. provides technical support for this project. You can contact with the respective officer for your necessary technical support during office hour.
Mobile No : +8801755676725
Email: support@batworld.com
Online Support portal: http://support.batworld.com